Compare any of our mills with any other manufacturer. 

You will find:

-More standard features built into our pricing!

-Many features not available at any price! 

-Extraordinary craftsmanship!

 See for yourself why we are

 Your Best Sawmill Value!, pub-2924057476853147, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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How are we so Inexpensive?
We are located in Arkansas, where costs are low, land and buildings are inexpensive, and taxes are reasonable.  We pass these savings along to our customers.

We are not 'top' heavy.  We do our own work, answer our own phones, write the manuals and make the parts. We build and maintain our own web site and sometimes that takes us awhile! 

We like what we do and it shows in the quality of our products. 

You won't find anyone at MISTER SAWMILL that isn't interested in providing the best service for our customers. That includes selling you what you need and not what may make us the most profit.

We are working folks, just like you. Our hands and clothes get dirty, but the job gets done. We like things simple and easy to operate, and we definitely want our machines to work for extended periods of time with little maintenance and low operating costs.