Lots of standard features you pay extra for elsewhere! The MODEL 22B12P13E sawmill uses a smooth running and dependable 13 H.P. Honda single cylinder engine with charging circuit, electric start and a recoil start backup. The highway ready  trailer package has a 2” ball hitch, lights, safety chains and a standard 4 prong flat plug for connecting to your tow vehicle, and easily adjustable jacks on each corner support the base during cuts - even on rough terrain. Our standard base handles logs up to 18’ long, and 24” in diameter, and longer logs can be handled using bolt-on sections as required. Three commercial type squaring fences and two commercial type cam-action dogs (on the 18' version) assure solid performance and complete log holding at all times, and the base is heavy enough for the largest logs. There are even receivers installed on the base for such optional equipment as loading ramps.

 Our Model 22 cutting head raises and lowers quickly and effortlessly, using a cable lifting mechanism.  Cables are aircraft quality, with aluminum crimps and commercial cable stops for long life and secure operation.  All alignments are accomplished through micro adjustable locking fittings that guarantee accurate and reproducible settings. With the standard trailer package, the mill tows smoothly behind a truck at highway speeds, and takes less than five minutes to set up once you reach your destination.  Because of our compact design, these mills can be  easily threaded  down narrow trails to your remote building site using an ATV, a lawn tractor or even moved by hand on level ground. 

Pull your model 22 into the orchard or woodlot and pack out the lumber; not the whole tree!

All the consumables are inexpensive on the model 22 saws too.  New blades cost less than twenty dollars each, and they may be resharpened for about six dollars, so your cost per cut remains under three cents even with the increased gas prices.  Maintenance costs are almost non-existent with these saws as well, since a small amount of grease every month or so is all you need to keep your saw operating smoothly.  And our blade guides are arguably the best in the industry.  Machined from solid bar stock and fitted with high speed bearings, these guides consistently work for four or five years of commercial service before needing maintenance, and then it is usually a fifteen dollar part that needs to be replaced.  When you consider everything - the simplicity and ruggedness of our designs, a built-in trailer package, quality of workmanship, Honda engine, low costs and minimum maintenance - you'll see why we are your best sawmill value.

Yes, you can get colors to match your farm machinery!

The new SUPER 22 saws use a 4 post head for added stability, and have bases of 4" channel

for cutting longer logs on a single piece base. 

And we didn't increase the price!



Model 22B12P13E mill

   -Honda 13 H.P. cylinder

   -Electric start gas engine

   -Trailer kit 

   -Cuts 21" dia. x 12' long log. 

   -Has 3 fences and 2 dogs.


All of our mills can use engines other than those shown.  If you have a particular engine manufacturer you like, let us know, and Call for particulars and current pricing.  Electric motor drives are a great value if your saw remains stationary, and the trailer package allows you to move locations as long as an electric supply is available.



Model 22X Base extension

   -Adds as many feet of cutting length as you need.

   -Bolt on section to your requirements.

$95.00 per ft.

Model 22B0 Mill

  -Head and carriage without engine or base.

  -For those who wish to build their own base and use their own engine.


Model 22B0PE7.5

  -Head and carriage with 7.5 H.P. electric motor.

  -Complete saw head and carriage for customer built base.

Call for Price

How are we so Inexpensive?
We are located in Arkansas, where costs are low, land and buildings are inexpensive, and taxes are reasonable.  We pass these savings along to our customers.

We are not 'top' heavy.  We do our own work, answer our own phones, write the manuals and make the parts. We build and maintain our own web site and sometimes that takes us awhile! 

We like what we do and it shows in the quality of our products. 

You won't find anyone at MISTER SAWMILL that isn't interested in providing the best service for our customers. That includes selling you what you need and not what may make us the most profit.

We are working folks, just like you. Our hands and clothes get dirty, but the job gets done. We like things simple and easy to operate, and we definitely want our machines to work for extended periods of time with little maintenance and low operating costs.