How are we so Inexpensive?
We are located in Arkansas, where costs are low, land and buildings are inexpensive, and taxes are reasonable.  We pass these savings along to our customers.

We are not 'top' heavy.  We do our own work, answer our own phones, write the manuals and make the parts. We build and maintain our own web site and sometimes that takes us awhile! 

We like what we do and it shows in the quality of our products. 

You won't find anyone at MISTER SAWMILL that isn't interested in providing the best service for our customers. That includes selling you what you need and not what may make us the most profit.

We are working folks, just like you. Our hands and clothes get dirty, but the job gets done. We like things simple and easy to operate, and we definitely want our machines to work for extended periods of time with little maintenance and low operating costs.




Our model 30B18P24 sawmill shown with optional loading ramps. 

Ramps with optional 'T' posts making a long deck.


Lots of standard features you pay extra for elsewhere!  The model 30B18P24 uses a 24 H.P. Honda electric start, twin cylinder engine with a 20 amp charging circuit. The trailer package has a 2" ball hitch, lights, safety chains, and a 4 prong flat plug for connecting to your vehicle. It also includes four screw type adjustable jacks for mill leveling.  The entire mill tows behind a small truck and the average setup time is less than five minutes. 

The MODEL 30 saws are perfect for a one or two man sawing operation, be It for commercial or personal use. Cuts are incredibly smooth, accurate and reproducible every time.  The 30's may be ordered with a variety of semi-custom layouts such as different engines and cutting lengths, and that means you only pay for the mill you need, and not the one that may be in stock at the moment.  Some varieties of this mill are shown in the following photographs as examples of configurations and custom layouts available.  We invite your questions about modifications to suit your business.

As part of the standard trailer package, screw type leveling jacks are mounted at each corner for quick setup. This rugged saw cuts up to a 36" diameter log more than 18' long as shown, but you can order it with any length base, with or without a trailer package, different engines (including electric drive) or even no engine at all if you have one on hand.  


Our cutting head raises and lowers quickly and easily, using a chain lifting mechanism powered through a sealed gear reduction box. Chain and sprockets are used for all lifting actions, so everything is of commercial quality and will last for years. Alignment is accomplished through micro adjustable locking fittings that guarantee accurate and reproducible settings.

Our blade guides (below at left) use high speed bearings mounted on heavy steel supports for a lifetime of hard usage.  Brass wear pads protect your blades from excessive wear while maintaining the proper alignment in the cut. Note too that, unlike other manufacturers who have a shoulder riding against the back of the blade,  we have a bearing!  This keeps friction to a bare minimum.  As a result, our blades don't run hot, and don't require five or ten gallons of water to keep them cool, thus saving you from hauling water to the mill every day.  All of our mills from model 21 through model 30 use the same high quality bearings and blade guides. 











We can usually find a color close to your existing farm machinery. Our signature color is “FORD” equipment blue, but the mills above/right were painted to blend with different manufacturers of farm machinery. Let us know what you want and we’ll try to match it!  Note that exact matches are not guaranteed, and special colors may require a larger and/or non-refundable deposit and (sometimes) an additional paint charge.  Please note that custom colors take longer to complete, since each must be started from scratch instead of pulling completed and finished parts from our stock.

Some custom colors may come at an additional charge.

A ten horsepower, 220 vac single phase electric powered mill heading for Texas.  Note the clean lines and uncluttered appearance of well though out machinery.  Simplicity of design and the local availability of parts are considerations built into every Mister Sawmill, so you don't need to worry about the reliability, and down time won't be a problem.

Electric power is a valid option for the owner who mounts his mill permanently on a base and brings all his logs to the mill.  Although slightly more expensive as an initial investment, electric power is cheaper over time, and motors and equipment will generally last much longer than a gasoline engine without expensive maintenance.  They are also much quieter and show less vibration.   The slight increased cost is usually more than offset by not needing a trailer package. The quality of the lumber is identical in each case.  We have found that a ten h.p. electric motor will produce just about as much cutting power and speed as a twenty four h.p. gas engine.  A ten h.p. single phase electric motor is about as large as you want to go on this mill.  Any more horse power should be a three-phase motor, and most small businesses and farms don't have that type of power on hand.  If you have three phase and need a larger motor please let us know and we will set your mill up that way.

A 12" wide white oak board coming off the mill.  In another two minutes, eight more will follow, each one a select cut from a choice log.  To find this kind of material in your local lumber yard, you would have to search through tons of mediocre wood: Assuming they even stock white oak!

Making massive beams, thin closet paneling or  special parts like tapered octagonal posts and siding are  easy to make with a band mill, and they cost literally pennies to produce.  One of our customers actually paid for his Model 30 sawmill in just six days, and he got three other jobs while doing it!  He says cranking up the saw and cutting a board is cheaper and easier than going to the lumber yard and disrupting his work day.  He also states that if he is doing a modification to an older building he can cut exactly the right size board rather than fighting the differences between older 2"x4"s and the newer, smaller standard sizes.

Beams are cheap and easy on our mills too!  If you need a 4"x12" beam for a garage header you simply cut one.  No more of that finding two 2"x12" boards and adding a chunk of 1/2" plywood to make a full 4" of width.  Building a rustic cabin?  Post and beam  construction is a snap when you can cut any size beam you want without special orders from the lumber yard, and they cost just pennies to produce instead of $10.00 dollars or more per running foot that the yard will charge!



Model 30B18P24

  -Mill with Honda 24 H.P. twin cylinder engine.
  -Trailer package.

  -Cuts 36" dia. x 18' long log.

  -Has 3 fences and 2 dogs.


Any above saw may be ordered without the trailer package and adjustable jacks by DEDUCTING $810.00 from the listed price.

These mills may also use engines other than those shown above.  Call for particulars and current pricing.  Electric motors are also available.




Fender kit 

  -This is for all Model 30 saws equipped with 4.80X12 trailer package.


Loading ramps (pair),

  -8' long, used for manually loading logs onto cutting deck with cant hook or loading winch below.


'T' stands (pair)

  -Used in conjunction with loading ramps above, converts ramps to level log deck.


Loading winch

  -Manual winch for rolling logs up ramps above, and for turning logs on the cutting deck.


BED Extension

  -Extra bed length added at time of mill order, built into the mill bed. 


  -(Example: 30B18 with two additional feet of length would become 30B20) sold by the foot to any length.

  -Call for details.


Base Extension 

  -For lengthening cutting deck on existing mill. 

  -Sold by foot of length, with a 5' minimum. 

  -Include all relevant dogs, fences, etc. 

  -Bolts onto end of mill.

$125.00 per foot

Trailer Kit

  -For Model 30 mills not originally equipped with trailer. 

  -Includes 4.80" x 12" tires, wheels, lights, 2" ball hitch, leveling jacks (4). 

  -Some welding required if not factory installed.


Spare Tire

  -Size 4.80" x 12" using 5 hole x 4-1/2" bolt pattern for mills equipped with trailer package.

$  68.50
Cant Hooks

3ft. $  94.50

4ft. $  102.50



Model 30 Head and carriage only 

  -For owner supplied base and engines or motors. 

  -Does not have base, engine, engine drive pulley, electrical system or drive belt, but otherwise complete. 


Model 30P24 Head and carriage

  -Complete with 24 H.P. Honda engine drive pulley, drive belt, etc. 

  -All up and running except for base.


Dog Assembly

  -Bolt-on or weld-on style (your choice) to fit standard bases.


Fence Assembly

  -Bolt-on  or weld-on style (your choice) to fit standard bases.


Band Wheel tires

  -Type B-56. (each)

Replacement carriage wheels (each)$18.50

Drive belt

  -Type B-71.


Blade guide Bearings

  -Type 1621-2RS, three required for each blade guide. (price each)

Blade Guide Shoes$16.50

Trailer package parts

  -Used to add a trailer package to an owner built base. 

  -Contains axel and 4-1/2"x 5 lug hubs, springs, shackles and mounting hardware.

  -12" wheels, 4.80 x 12" tires.

  -Lighting kit and hitch assembly for a 2" ball.

  -4 jacks and jack mounting hardware. 

  -Requires some welding.