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We are frequently reminded by our clients that a business does not need to be huge to be profitable.  Often a small, one man, part time operation will make more money than one with twenty men, secretaries, book keepers and salesmen.  It's what remains in your pocket at the end of the day that matters, not how much money you spend to stay in business.  Making fifty dollars an hour working four days per week is better than working six day a week for fifteen dollars per hour, and the quality of life is certainly superior.  In addition, sawmill operators tend to be located in rural/agricultural areas where wages and costs of living and doing business are the lowest.  In such areas, the fifty dollars an hour figure - when compared to local wages - assumes an even larger impact.  Even if used as a part time or weekend business, the money earned becomes a large percentage of a families discretionary spending.

The following sites either use MISTER SAWMILL equipment in their business, or provide information about construction materials or niche markets that can generate income for the mill owner.  Some of these businesses make use of our smallest mills in genuine commercial applications, while others use our larger machines in high production areas of the market place.  Those who don't directly use our machines can, in many cases, represent a possibly lucrative market for owners of a portable sawmill.  Indeed, the most common complaint we get from mill owners is that they end up getting pestered by customers to do more work than they would like. 

Please note that the presence of a site below does not constitute an endorsement by Mister Sawmill.  We simply find the site interesting, useful, instructional or thought provoking.

http://member.atlantic.net/~rross/rross/  One of our customers using his model 18 (modified,  with his own engine) to augment his business of custom furniture building and hardwood sales. This is a typical use for one of our smaller saws and shows how they can be used to increase sales or branch out into related fields.

www.fencehq.com    A site filled with interesting and informative information about fencing of all types, not restricted to wood fencing.  If you can't find it here, you ain't trying hard enough!                          

 www.treetables.com   A site that demonstrates what can be accomplished with short, large diameter logs.  Very artistic furniture treatments used for coffee tables, conference furniture, etc.  Lots of ideas here for the custom furniture builder or what to build to compliment your hunting cabin or vacation home.

www.sawmillmag.com   A fine magazine for those in the smaller forestry markets.  Lots of interesting articles, and the publishers sponsor the "Sawmill Shootout" (a competition between portable sawmills) each year.  Plenty of good writing and some well targeted advertising for the items sawmill owners need.

www.echolist.com  A site with a huge number of informational links for logging, agriculture, business and a vast array of other areas of interest, all carefully sorted into categories.

www.woodnut.com  This site shows what kind of money can be made from small pieces of wood that might otherwise be wasted, and all that beautiful graining that is often left in the ground to rot after the tree is felled.  Such small side businesses can often yield huge dividends to those with a sawmill, a planer and a lot of patience for the drying process.

 www.mobilesolarpower.net    Here is a great site for those who need mobile electrical power, either as a site contractor or maybe an entertainment venue that needs lighting and power for amplifiers, etc. The equipment they sell provides large amounts of power from a passive solar array that is totally quiet, environmentally clean, well designed and ruggedly built.  Check them out!  If you are near Atascadero California, you can also get them to demonstrate a Mister Sawmill for you.

www.tjswoodshop.com     A new site that shows some interesting art work and wood projects.  You might also check out http://groups.yahoo.com/group/woodhobby/  for a bunch of like-minded individuals.  These are fairly new sites that will probably pick up in members and projects over the next few months and should give you some great ideas for your smaller pieces of wood or rare bits.


More sites added as they come to our attention.